Autopilot - Unable to hold altitude with the Century IV

  • Autopilot - Unable to hold altitude with the Century IV. I select the Attitude Mode, achieve my desired altitude, and then switch to Altitude Hold Mode. Shortly after selecting Altitude Hold Mode the altitude starts dropping-off and I have to constantly (and I mean, constantly) apply trim to maintain a set altitude.

    It is very annoying to keep adjusting the trim every couple of seconds to maintain altitude.

    Is there something I am doing wrong with my procedure on the Century IV Autopilot or is this a failure to hold altitude issue?

  • I am surprised no one addressed this yet. I decided to give the Duchess a go, and 1st thing I noticed is the issue with the ALT hold. Plane starts diving, very annoying. I have to be in ATT mode and constantly check my trim to keep it level.

    Will test single operations next. Saw someone commenting on that too.

    Am using ver. 1.10. Not even sure if that's the latest. Can't find up to date version info.


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