Wrong Tail Numbers... will they be fixed?

  • Hi,
    is there a way to get the wrong Tail Numbers fixed? I've seen at EDDF, all B747s have wrong Tail Numbers, f.ex., the parked B747-8 at Gate A52, Tail No D-ABYA, gots the red label, saying Tail No is D-EBLU... Tail Numbers D-EB doesn't exist for Lufthansa's Boeings: All Boeing have the Tail Numbers "D-AB....", same the Airbussse Beginn with "D-AI".... At Gate V106 there is an Airbus A320, the labels says tail number is D-EKUP.... the real tail No for that plane is D-AIZC.... when will that be fixed? Many thanks, Sascha

  • There isn't really a good way of doing this, sadly. The textures are simple images so each individual aircraft would need to be written out to disk as a new, temporary model with matching textures. That would mean loading the original, decompressing it, writing in the correct tailnumber, compressing it and saving it to disk, and copying the model to the same place. In a busy area I regularly see over 1,000 different aircraft being tracked so that would be 1000 times an average of about 12Mb, so let's say 10Gb, to read and then write back to disk at the start of every flight and then keep updated every three minutes or so during the flight. Plus the hassle of handling diskspace problems, cleaning up after an unplanned shutdown...

    Technically possible, definitely, but I think more trouble than it's worth.