F-15 Autopilot Controls

  • Can any share insight into the F-15 autopilot? I believe it is quite crude, but I did get ALT HOLD to work, but it doesn't respond to MSFS AP altitude +/- (cntl PageUp / PageDn) so just have to trigger it at the alt you want to hold - no fine adjustments possible.

    The HDG HOLD works, too, but it is very rocky at altitude.

    I don't understand the NAV HOLD, nor the effect of converting from NAV to GPS.

    Does IAS HOLD insinuate there is an auto-throttle on the F-15?

    Anything you've discovered and want to share would be greatly appreciated!

  • @Synapse Hi, the Eagle purposefully has just a simple three-axis autopilot, as it's not an Airbus. The real aircraft also has this arrangement. You fly to your chosen altitude and then hit AP master, then ALT HOLD. From there, set airspeed with the throttle ( below Mach 1, MSFS doesn't handle high-Mach in autopilot very well without complex changes to the AI PID values ).

    Set the NAV/GPS switch to NAV for VOR navigation, GPS to follow a flight plan. Use the HDG and CRS knobs to track heading and VOR radials respectively, and select HDG HOLD or NAV HOLD as required depending on which you're asking the autopilot to track.

    There is an IAS HOLD switch for future updates - currently, the MSFS AP has an issue with disengaging the autothrottle with all aircraft, so at this time IAS hold does not function until that's sorted out. Hope this all helps, the AP is basic but it allows the vast majority of AP functions.

  • Thanks much for the quick feedback. I've since discovered your thread on the MSFS forums as well.

    Thanks for having the open dialog with the player community. I did purposely wait until 1.0.1 prior to purchasing and these efforts have turned the tide on this aircraft.

    Take pride in knowing the sonic boom scares me every time.