P3D V4.x DC 8 50 - 70 Fixes

  • It was since 2017 without support, as a buyer and a somehow skilled senior programmer, i made some fixes to leave this product as close as possible to a perfect one, with almost zero bugs (2 open issues with no impact) and 70% more FPS.

    Update 05/26/21
    The QA part was ended today, and the final files will be sended to Just Flight


    • Night Texture incorrect for radio altimeter in some models.
    • Glass texture and night texture of HSI was missing.
    • Artificial horizon texture on 61 early was missing
    • Background texture and night texture was incorrect for the speed indicator.
    • FMC buttons animation was corrupted (removed for now to better usability and visual effect).
    • FMC was missing text (font included now, it may require manual installation).
    • Flight director controls on 73F was not fully sync.
    • Poor FPS Performance (raising up to 70% in fps due to new SDK and code improvement).
    • FPS was dropping on turns due to excessive single xml files draw calls.
    • Corrupted radio frequency button was showing on top of copilot FMC.
    • VS indicator on FE was showing wrong VS reading.
    • Transponder was not displaying the numbers on 55
    • Transponder was not tuning on and off on 53
    • In flight reverse was not operational
    • Nav 2 Course selector was not fully responsive
    • Flight directors now sync in all systems (require fd switch on now in all cases)
    • FMC slash button was not working
    • External lights were iluminating the cabin
    • Friction Adjuster was missing in some variants (disable in some but is a nice touch in the virtual cockpit)
    • Wing flood light effect was missing its flood light
    • Position lights were not visible in some variants
    • FMC font size was too big
    • Fire system was not fully working
    • Friction Adjuster was moving way too far and starting in the wrong position
    • Vertical speed wheel texture was corrupted
    • FE panel fuel gauges night textures was incorrect
    • FE standby rudder power off light was not showing up if gen 1 was turned off
    • FE anti ice light was turning on when battery power was off
    • ENG1 Doors / Reverse indicator was missing on 61/62/63
    • Spoiler deployed light was not working
    • Some switches dont have sounds
    • Copilot clock was covered by the side panel
    • Copilot side panel was missing textures
    • Fire Agent pressure lights was missing on 73F
    • Trim horn sound was missing
    • Some gauges had poor night ilumination
    • Fuselage had part of its interior appearing outside (all variants excluding 73F)
    • Refuel from main aux tank was unreliable
    • Fuel tank transfer shutoff indicators was unreliable
    • 73F variant had wrong fuel tank values
    • Fuel tank configuration lights were not working as expected
    • Copilot artificial horizon was not fully operational
    • Copilot artificial horizon was not in the correct place
    • Copilot HSI was not fully working
    • Artificial horizon ramp has a wrong offset
    • Annunciator test in the copilot side was floating in the cabin
    • Copilot artificial horizon flight director selector was reversed
    • OMI lights in some variants were too high placed in the copilot side
    • Standby artificial horizon glass was too close causing artifacts in some variants
    • Copilot artificial horizon turn coordinator was not working
    • Artificial horizon gyro cage flag was in the wrong position in some variants
    • Main fuel tank 1 boost pump was refueling the main engine tank 1
    • Brake pressure needle was missing in 73F
    • Aircraft was loading with starters always on causing wrong fuel balance in some variants
    • Fuel crossfeed was not working
    • Pitot Heat light and Emergency light disarmed where in the wrong position
    • Flight director was not returning to the selected mode if the flight direct switch was turned off and on again
    • Some cockpit tooltips were corrupted and was showing the wrong info
    • Forward Aux tank was missing on 62/63/73 variants
    • Forward Aux tank was causing corrupted fuel consumption when on transfer
    • Elevator surface check gauge (autopilot labeled) was not working when fully deflected
    • Wing slot light was not working on 73F
    • Compact mode buttons on pedestal were not working on 73F
    • L and R pack on 73F was not working.
    • Air conditioning temperature indicator was not working on 73F was not working.
    • Pneumatic Crossfeed was not working on 73F.
    • Pneumatic selectors was not working as expected on 73F.
    • Friction lock lever was not working.
    • Aircraft details text was bad formatted and showing corrupted.
    • Flight director was not responding to mode change in some instances.
    • Contact point 3 was duplicated in some variants.
    • Geometry on panel was corrupted in some spots.
    • De ice test switch was not working on 73F.
    • Speed bugs were below glass.


    • Add callout sounds to make the landing more safe and realistic.
    • New light system with p3d dynamic lights, including wing flood light, ground ilumination light and landing lights.
    • New smoke system for all variants with optimized code.
    • New fire system simulation.
    • New fuel transfer system and fuel transfer shutoff lights.
    • New crossfeed system.
    • New air conditioning system logic.
    • New flight director selector logic.

    Limitations and know issues:

    • Engines just go out in flight, manage the fuel and wont happen, the new fuel system shoud provide more control in this aspect.
    • On DC 8-53, 55 and 61 early when you try to change the nav frequencies nothing happens (numbers won't change), you need to click on the small switch on top of if to show the editable standby frequencies.
    • On de 73F EADI show the wrong pitch angle, this is due to the low pitch on the ground of the DC 8, it messed up with that gauge.
    • FMC text take some time to show up, this is normal and expected due to button response visual effect.
    • Light on cabin missing functions, they are decorative only in most cases.
    • Fuel crossfeed is limited, only same wing engines can share fuel.
    • Fuel transfer between alt and main tank is not implemented, you need to select the tank by its lever.
    • Font may require manual instalation.
    • Some light indicator textures are poorly made with small details like borders wrong.
    • Some text in FMC may show too big in a few cases.

    Fixes Gallery:

  • Wow, sounds fabulous, do you have any plans to make your fixes available on request?


  • @ftwd hi, the patch was send to Just Flight, if they allow the release it will be disponible soon, it has some files that may have copyrights and maybe come as a complete new installer, so lets hope that it will pass with no problems.

  • very nice,
    would be great 👍 👍

  • It would be an interesting "service pack"..i don't know why Just Flight can't make this available to download