Paint Kit

  • i Have a qwik question, i am a native PS user don't use gimp at all,, how can i open the .xcf file to work on liveries for the F-15 in PS with out a long drawn out conversion process. i Have made many liveries for the F-18 in FSX some may remember the original MARPAT on the C/D fsx and Capt Sim models. or is this one of those things where i'm going to be forced to use a different Editing program than i am used too.

  • @Whisky_Tango_Foxtrot GIMP is free, and you can save the files in GIMP to PS format so you can then carry on as usual. I cannot compile and compress the GIMP files in PS format as it flattens all the layers, that's the only reason they're still in GIMP format. So, just open using GIMP, save to PS format, and you're good to go.