Following a GPS Nav plan

  • Good afternoon. I have been trying to get the VC10 to follow a standard FSX flight plan without luck. I have followed the manual instructions and all is good for VOR nav etc but not flight plan following. Is there a GPS/VOR change over switch I am missing as the manual page 27/28 suggests the selection of NAV (having met the criteria) is sufficient without delving into the INS. Thanks. JJDC

  • I was just going to ask the same question! I've got the Autopilot set on Manual and the NAV switch on but it refuses to follow my GPS plan. I'm using the RXP GTN750 and the default C172 follows the plan fine.
    Thanks Del

  • @jjdc said in Following a GPS Nav plan:

    all is good for VOR nav etc but not flight plan following. Is there a GPS/VOR change over switch

    There was no GPS at he time the VC10s flew (outside of some of the military ones)
    BOAC & later British Airways had VC10s in service from the 1960s until 1981.
    GPS was used from 1973 by the US military only until the mid 1980s when they allowed it to be used for civilian use.
    It is more realistic and fun to fly these historic airliners as they were flown in their time, I can recommend spending some time learning the INS, I use Flightsim Commander for flight planning which also gives the co-ordinates and if I remember correctly SimBrief does too.

  • If you are wanting to use the standard gps then you can get Wefly gps. Its like the normal gps but has autopilot controls along the bottom. Its not free but donโ€™t think itโ€™s much. I think simmarket has it. I have used it and itโ€™s ok. I do like using INS though, worth learning and doesnโ€™t take too long to set up.

  • I've submitted a Support Ticket on the subject. I appreciate that GPS wasn't available or used in those days but I like to use it. I'm also slowly getting to grips with the INS navigation system.

  • Thanks del47 for entering the support ticket. My original point was not about history or using INS (which I am very well versed in, real or sim) but the fact that the manual offered a facility which I could not get to work. I will await the reply to the support ticket (another update!!). jjdc

  • Yes, it keeps us all occupied in un-installing and installing. I quiet like watching it develop!

  • I may be wrong but I don't think that the NAV function (switch)is working at all?

  • I see that on the navigators panel there are some switches referring to GPS, etc. Maybe a 'work in progress'?

  • On the recommendation of JF I've uninstalled the old version of the sim and installed the new. As long as I set the VC10 A/P to LOCVOR the aircraft now follows the GPS flightplan. I'll experiment further but so far I'm really pleased.

  • Hi folks

    I am getting the same issue experienced.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the add-on several times and have selected a key assignment for Nav1/GPS toggle with no luck. Even selecting LOC/VOR as has been mentioned in this thread but still no joy. It is frustrating as I have no issues with other add-ons when using GPS or the FMS. Its a nicer model and I don't want top rely on VOR to VOR navigation and I tend to be impatient with trying to enter the lat/longs in the INS which is why the GPS helps a lot.

    Help please?!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป