F-15s Lighting issues

  • fantasic model ..however,
    just notice with the current update to the Eagles that the night lighting is incorrect.

    there is a red light on the right side of the fuselarge where it should be Green Green
    there no Red Light on the top of the left Fin. only a white strobe can be seen from behind

    also, i cant not get any cockpit light to work.

    Kind regards


    On the left incorrect lighting  from the front - Day.jpg incorrect lighting  from the Rear - Night.jpg incorrect lighting  from the Rear - DAY.jpg incorrect lighting  from the front - Night.jpg

  • Yes, lots of folks want the Eagles lights to match the real aircraft - it's actually red on the right and amber on the left in the real aircraft, which is actually opposite of what almost all other aircraft carry. I will be changing this for the next update to match the real F-15. The forward wing lights are both red on the F-15, again different to most commerical aircraft which carry a green on the right.

    Panel light switch is on right hand side panel, near the cockpit wall, and is tagged.