F-15 on ramp

  • I was very disappointed, after spending $41, all the bugs there were with this jet. Then, I saw that a patch was out that fixed a bunch of issues. Alas, I was again disappointed in the fact that a major bug or 2 remains. Why, when starting on the ramp, is engine 2 already started and when I spool up engine 1 it keeps starting over and over again??? It also re-starts every time I switch from cockpit view to outside view (not even going to get into no JFS pull). This is only playable from the end of runway. Also, avionics keep shutting off. I think the jet looks and sounds great, am I the only one having these issues???

  • @Smitty1230 Yep, sorry, it's partially my fault as, of all the .flt files to make an error on, I did it on the apron.flt file. Grabbing the same file from the stock C4 jet and popping it into the Eagles should get you going, or using CTRL-E to start up.

    The engines are however another matter and I'm looking into that at the moment. The upgrades to engine and flight dynamics seem to have upset the starters, which were working fine before. That's being sorted also.

    JFS Starter is coming too, along with the custom sound set, with which it will work in unison.

  • @DC1973 Thanks for the reply! I never had luck with the starters. I'll give it some time and see what you come up with. Can't wait till it's all set, super fun plane to fly.