Fastest way to get support?

  • Dear team,

    I thought the fastest way to get support was via ticket, is that right?

    4 days ago I submitted two tickets, one on the VC10 and one on the Tristar, and both are still unanswered from your side.
    If there's any faster way to get support please be so kind and advise me which this is.


  • JF Staff

    Yes - contacting support using the ticket system is the fastest way to get support. You sent us two sets of queries on Saturday and these are both in progress. We will reply asap but I am fairly sure they require reasonably detailed answers.
    You are always free to ask questions in the forums - but we can't guarantee a response and solutions provided by other forum users may not always work.

  • Thanks, I was just a bit worried since I didn't hear from you at all.
    If you just need time to work on my request as you now wrote me that's of course totally fine 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  • JF Staff

    @Emi We have now replied to both your tickets so you should now have 2 seperate emails. Thanks Craig