Afterburner issues

  • any chance the afterburner alignment could be fixed its a bit off on the left engine while looking from the back, it happens with the vibration of the effect, if the vibration could be reduced it would align better

    also the afterburners look nice at night, but during day time there is a slight black halo around it which happens if the alpha texture is made on a black background, switching the background on the flame to the color the flame before applying the alpha channel will fix this issue


    thank you

  • @farazmobin47 I'll check the alignment of the burner flame. MSFS uses pure black ( RGB 0,0,0 ) for transparent, so there is often a bleed line somewhere in the texture and the alpha but I will see if I can improve this.

  • i did a quick fix since i didn't have the base psd , if you want i can send over the file, all i did was just increased the brightness which led to the image becoming more white, so i then cranked up the saturation, i can give it another crack at it if i had the base psd files




    you can see also the alignment as both the afterburner shockwaves are a little bit towards the left of the nozzle

  • @farazmobin47 Great work! I will attempt the same, probably for the next update though as this one is taking up all of my time at the moment. Will move those burner flames into the correct position though 👍