AH2 MSFS 2020 - Frozen Auto-Pause

  • I was mid-flight and used Auto-pause for the first time. When I returned it had paused (as expected) and now I cannot un-pause it. I un-ticked the box in AH2 flight monitor which did not un-pause. Then tried the in-game (msfs 2020) Active Pause toggle, which is what I assumed was pausing the game and nothing works to get moving again. I cannot find a clue to why this happened in the manual. Has this happened to anyone else, as I have appeared to missed something? It was C172 G1000 in msfs2020.

  • @JGS Go into your settings and controls. Bind a key to Pause and Unpause. I don't know why they decided to make these two different commands, but they did. Normally it would be P to do both functions. I have mine set to P for Pause, Shift+P to unpause. Active Pause won't work for this. It's a shame that Asobo didn't make this a default thing but whatever. That's the solution even if it doesn't make sense. Maybe the AH devs can add this as a note near the option for Auto Pause so that others don't have this issue.