F-15 Liveries

  • Greetings, I am an old Eagle Keeper. I was stationed in Camp New Amsterdam, Soesteberg, Holland in 1980-82. I arrived right after the then 32nd TFS received their first F-15Cs. We are a proud group. We won the Hughs Trophy (now known as the Raytheon Award) two consecutive years while I was there. I'm writing for two reasons.
    1- the 32nd AOS livery is wrong. You have a serial number of 74083 on the plane. The 74 models were F-15As. The F-15C model was not operational until 78. The first F-15C to arrive at CNA (Camp New Amsterdam-again, home of the 32nd) was 79026. You also miss the patch on the port intake and port stabilizer. The starboard side didn't have them. Can you update this? Our mascot plane was 79032. The 0 was small like the 79 so only the 32 stood out under the CR.
    2- if fixing the item in #1 above is not possible, is there a paint kit so we can make our own variants? I have painted plenty of FSX and X-Plane 11 aircraft but I've not had time to dive into MSFS2020 painting yet so I don't know what the process is.
    Thank you.

    Fun Fact - The insignia we affectionately called the slobbering dog on the nose art was designed by Walt Disney himself for the 32nd Fighter Squadron. They received the name Wolfhounds because they excelled in finding German U-Boat wolfpacks hunting in the Caribbean shipping lanes in the early years of World War II.

  • @Naflod Hi, glad you're enjoying the Eagles! I'll try to get those updates on the textures done for you, although there are many talented texture artists out there doing the same already.

    The Paint Kit can be found in the aircraft's ContentInfo folder, along with the manual.

  • Thank you! Before you put time and effort into this which will take away from more important "bug" requests, let me learn the painting process of MSFS2020 and I'll make some corrections and additional liveries which you then may include in the packet. It will only be accurate tweaks but I do have all the imagery of the 32nd TFS.

    Fun Fact #2 - The 32nd TFS was the only U.S. Military organization authorized to have the crest of a foreign nation on their emblem because of our outstanding relationship with the Dutch.

  • @Naflod That's very kind of you! I'm loving the little Fun Facts too!

    The Paint Kit is at 2K resolution, but feel free to alter it in any way you wish to get the repaints the way you want them 🙂

  • @DC1973 Fun Fact #3 - Because the airbase was on the edge of the Royal Palace, we were not allowed to fly past 10 pm unless we had a planned exercise or it was a real emergency. In the height of the Cold War and because we were one of the main interceptor squadrons for when the Soviets would test us, this did happen more than one would think.