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    There is still no traffic at LTFM the new airport. I would like to know why ?2021-1-25_19-44-46-954.jpg


  • No plans in the database you have to create your own.
    To get the best out of TG requires the users doing some editing.

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    @EliottC said in NO TRAFFIC AT LTFM:


    There is still no traffic at LTFM the new airport. I would like to know why ?2021-1-25_19-44-46-954.jpg


    Hi Elliot,
    The flight plans for LTFM are in there. However, as LTFM doesn't exist in FSX/Prepar3d, these have been repointed at LTBA.
    To send them back to LTFM, either add a "LTBA for LTFM" swap to the box on the compile screen, or just do and find & replace on the code in the schedules doc.

  • @Rich
    Swap box does not work in P3Dv5 tried it, editing LTBA plans still the only option.

  • Is there anyway JF can search our add-on scenery database for this one time exception to include this airport in your database to make it usable for TG.

  • @Flyer626
    Feel free to shoot this down in flames, but I tried testing this out in FSX-SE and was also unable to select LTFM as a replacement for LTBA.
    Looking at C:\Users\username\Documents\TrafficGlobal\lookUps\airportLookup.xml, I noticed that there were a bunch of out of sequence entries which seem to have been added at the very end which, since OTHH is included, would appear to perhaps be additional ICAOs.
    LTFM was indeed nowhere to be found and was hence not selectable in TG.
    However, though this may not be relevant, LTAW is included in this list twice, once in the main body (as inactive? ):
    LTAW  1st entry inactive.jpg

    and again in the additions at the end of the file:
    LTAW 2nd entry at end.jpg

    It therefore appears twice in the dropdown in TG.
    LTAW in TG twice.jpg

    Could it possibly be that the additional entry was actually meant to be for LTFM and LTAW was mistakenly added?

    Though I admit to guessing a bit here, wouldn't manually adding LTFM to airportLookup.xml then allow it to be visible/selectable in TG and enable you to add an LTBA > LTFM swap when compiling?

  • I'm guessing if it was that easy then JF would have done it. Since they are using the sims scenery file to find our add-ons then their is nothing we can do on our side to make it work. They would have to find a way to either add it to the sims scenery file in an artificial way since it can not be done legally, or when doing the installation ask the user if we have this airport and find it in our sims scenery file, which is in my addon scenery. This is a possibility since I have seen this done before by another developer, just would take a little more work to point towards right directory.

  • This has nothing to do with the sim scenery files, and everything to do with the TG Flight Plan folder you will find plans for airports not in the sim mostly China but some in other parts of the world that have been added in the last few years.
    If you throw a bunch of flight plans into TG then its likely they will fly to airports not in the sim, the older the database the less likely they will include the newest airports.
    This is why you can have a database with 20,000 flight plans but a few thousand will not compile as they have an error "is not a recognized airport identifier " .

  • ok, then why did Rich say they have included lots of flight plans for LTFM but they are not recognized because the airport is not in the sim because it is a completely new airport, so is this just a complier issue, then why not add it so can be identified.

  • @Flyer626
    As posted to rich ref the swap box tried it in P3Dv5 no go and you have to add the code.
    Then add entry still will not work maybe something for the next update whenever that is.