External view G-Vapor clouds on wings

  • Please can we have the option to turn off the "clouds" that form on the wing and on top of plane whenever pitching slightly when using external view. It doesn't seem realistic happens at slow speed too. Would much rather have it disabled. Please and thank you

  • I thought the G-vapor looked pretty bad as well tbh.

  • yup, it would be a nice touch if this would look like a particle effect rather than a mesh that just appears on top of the wing, maybe have the mesh change opacity quickly rather than just turning it on and off

    or just get rid of it , if it cannot be fixed

  • Already removed folks, users liked it in FSX and Prepar3D, but we're just going to have to wait for proper effects to arrive in MSFS.

  • @DC1973 any chance i can have a look to improve this, i do understand it would look cool if its done properly. sadly i have no idea how the msfs modding works, but would be glad to help if needed

  • @farazmobin47 It was just a placeholder effect brought over from Prepar3D that looked okay there but doesn't really cut it in MSFS. Well over half of folks who commented on it felt as though it would be better without.