F-15 HUD Blurry/Too light

  • The heads up display on every variant of the F-15 for me gets extremely blurry when i make any tiny movements and it is also almost completely too light to see during the day? Sure this will be patched but curious if its something on my end

  • JF Staff

    @justintx99 Have seen other similar reports and it's definitely getting looked at so expect an improvement in a forthcoming update.

  • @justintx99 The HUD only works properly in DAA texture mode ( sim settings ). This is a limitation of the simulator due to it preferring HTML coded gauges, rather than the XML coded gauges that developers have been using for the past 15 or so years. It's going to be a while before we can learn to convert all of our code into the new format, or find a similar work-around to avoid that tearing.