AH2 for MSFS

  • How is it possible to have Cessna 172 using JetA-fuel when starting career in AH2 for MSFS?

    And how is it possible to have plane type and model f*cked up when importing planes?

    You should fix those very annoying problems as soon as possible, meaning now.

    I have bought this program for X-Plane, and now for MSFS too, but I NEVER thought there could be this kind of stupid bugs any more... sadly I was wrong...


  • JF Staff

    @Caamo Firstly all Air Hauler 2 forum correspondence takes place in the bespoke AH2 forum space here:


    Your first issue was fixed a while back and was part of an update. Worth checking you have the latest build.

    Not sure what you mean about the importing planes bit, it works perfectly.

    If you're still struggling and there are no answers on the actual AH2 forum for you then submit a ticket to our support team and they will help you: https://support.justflight.com/support/solutions/folders/17000138647

    If you submit a support ticket or post again on the AH2 forum it might be an idea to try and be a little more polite, being rude about these things will not get you anywhere and won't help. Hope you get sorted, thanks.

  • Sure it has been fixed... NOT
    I have version and here is the screenshot...

    Screenshot (1).png

    As you can clearly see, there is JetA fuel being used. Yes, I can't use 100LL. I have tried!

    And plane importing is not working either.
    Like I said, it's not using correct names for type and model.

    Let me show you a picture...

    Screenshot (2).png

    So please stop lying, and give me my money back. I've had it!

  • JF Staff

    Just looked at this with the developer.

    Looks like the info for the aircraft predated the patch. It's noted and will be sorted in an upcoming patch. It's lower priority as it's only cosmetic,

    The importing issue - we're not sure where that aircraft has come from - we can't check every single add-on ever made, but could look into it. Looks like it's the usual text substitution issue which can be resolved we'd think.

    All the "official" marketplace aircraft work without issue, but I can't vouch for every single 3rd party aircraft ever released to be honest.

    These are issues that creep in along with many many things like this. Since the release there have been a load of updates with new features, fixes etc and that's likely to continue, just the nature of the beast really. Nobody is lying and we're certainly not being rude and abusive either!

    Obviously leaving a remark like 'give me my money back' in a forum isn't going to lead anywhere. If you want a refund due to these two issues your first step needs to be to contact our support team as mentioned above. Worth noting that many users of this program have been met with much bigger issues than these and have dealt with the matter in a far more contained and polite manner. Posting in the official AH2 forum and engaging with users over there will usually lead to a more fruitful outcome and it's also a good place to hang out to share views, tips etc on the program.

    Thank you.

  • @Caamo

    Hi there. I'm the developer of AH2 - you'll find me on the forums over at ah2.justflight.com which is the best place to post about AH2 issues as Voice of Reason has already mentioned.

    The fuel type issue is resolved in the next update ( - I'll likely pop a hotfix out via the AH2 forums for people who don't want to wait. It'll update the default aircraft list and any in your fleet when you launch AH2.

    As regards the aircraft you're trying to import - where did you get that from? It's not one of the marketplace ones, and I've not seen that behaviour before when trying to import aircraft via Simconnect. If you can let me know where it's from, I'll see if I can take a look at it.

    MFS is an evolving platform, and the ability to encrypt aircraft makes importing them into a package like AH2 difficult, but I'm working to address those as I'm made aware of them - obviously, it's not commercially viable for me to own every single add-on for every single sim ever published, so I do need people to give me a heads up if they find one.