Carenado Turbo Commander 690B

  • Hello,

    I couldn't see any existing topic on this aircraft so I had to start one.
    I bought this from JF some months but only started using it recently having been put off by a very daunting manual. I emailed Carenado asking if there was a quick start type guide available but there isn't. Does anyone know of anyone else producing manuals, or of there are any good tutorials (one I looked at was poor)?
    Before taxiing the props have to be unlocked (instructed in manual, but not how) so does anyone know how this is done?
    What is the difference between normal and lite versions?
    The last two questions were included in my request to Carenado but they ignored them.

  • Hi Tony,
    The model is not strictly correct for the engine type, so a full description of the procedure is not really necessary, but don't let that spoil the experience! There is no simulated unlock, so I would just move both propeller levers forward fully. (Ctrl + F4).

    Quick start.
    Move the throttle levers to idle (press F1).
    To start, Parking brake ON, switch every white switch ON in the GENERATOR section above your head. The red emergency fuel buttons need rotated to normal position - move the black rotary controls to GND START and then to Fuel pump ON when engine has started (Repeat for engine #2).

    Even quicker start.
    Press Ctrl + E together.

    Normal is the standard install. The Lite version is the same aircraft but it uses less resources for lower end systems or for use as AI. I can run the Normal version fine, so I just use that and delete the lite folder.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Lots of useful information there.

    I figured out the unlock & it involves moving power levers into reverse at a certain point - I have them included in a draft checklist that I compiled as best I could but can't remember exactly when to move them . I got the engines started manually a few times then found the aircraft wouldn't accelerate beyond around 15kts regardless of power lever or condition lever positions, so I think unlocking is required. I'm familiar with Ctrl-E and used it for my first few flights but I really wanted to do things properly. I wasn't aware of the red emergency fuel buttons and then having to move fuel pump on after start so I'll add that in to my checklist. Thanks also for explaining the Lite version as I thought it had something to do with the complexity.

    I like to create my own two page checklists for any aircraft that I like to fly, more or less a condensed version from the manuals supplied. That saves me having reams of paper on top of my Saitek controller - a single double sided printed page is perfect. Doing that from Carenado manual took a few hours and no doubt I'll have to tweak it.

    Again many thanks,


  • Hi Tony, in that case unlock the props just prior to take off i.e. at the holding point, you can use (Ctrl + F1) then (Ctrl + F4), unless you've already allocated a propeller axis to your Saitek?