Pretty sure this is misleading product description!

  • I'm pretty sure this is misleading, and I am after a contact for a refund. I just double checked the description for the Concorde and it says it has INS. There is NO functioning INS. I have tried and the INS doesn't actually work. You can't input coordinates etc. Pretty sure this contravenes the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

    Whilst I understand that it's not a study level aircraft like an FS Labs Concorde, I do expect that if the description says there is INS, I will get INS navigation functionality. There is not, and the INS aren't even programable. I want a refund for this please.

    alt text

  • The INS is present in Concorde, but only displays LAT LON coordinates. An option to place the third-party CIVA INS over the GPS display area is described in the manual, for those that would prefer it. I've asked Just Flight to remove the reference though, as I don't want folks thinking they're getting something that isn't there, and I don't recall ever claiming there would be one as stock with the aircraft as it would be a bit beyond my coding ability.

    I'm sure JF will happily provide a refund if you bought if from their store.

  • JF Staff

    Echo what has been said here, we'll issue you with a refund no problem if you're in receipt of something that isn't what you were expecting and you're not going to be using it. For that you need to contact our support team, they'll sort you out. Contact them here and raise a ticket:

    It wasn't misleading but we see your point, you're also the first to have even mentioned this. We'll edit the product page shortly. Not sure tweeting on our timeline with abusive language was the way to go with this but each to their own of course, your call.


  • @Voice-of-Reason Hi, thanking you for echoing what DC1973 said, and yes I agree re: tweet which I sent out of frustration, which I have actually since deleted now. Apologies for that. I won't try and deny it was wrong etc etc. I will own it, and all I can say is I hope we can all move past it. Apologies again.

    I've raised a support ticket now.

  • We're all friends now - good! 😊

    "Inertial Navigation System based upon simulator's internal GPS / flight plan system"

    My emphasis. Easy to miss this in the current (until the page gets edited) description, but that was a clue. Unfortunately it was tucked away in the "small print" of the detailed description.