Concorde paint job for Landor livery?

  • Hi guys,

    I just thought I'd say hi, and say it's nice to have a less complicated Concorde to fly just for those leisurely jaunts, when you don't want to be fiddling around with EVERY switch on the engineer's panel!

    I was wondering though is anyone is able to correct the Landor livery - I love the livery IRL, but the paint job for this Concorde bugs me. The blue on the vertical stabiliser shouldn't go all the way to the front edge, and the red stripe should go all the way around and join with the other side on the tail.

    Wondering if anyone might be able to repaint and fix these 2 little issues for me on the Landor livery please.

    Many thanks!

  • @RunawayAtLarge Sorry, I'm a bit confused as in another more recent post you were saying that you wanted the INS and yet here you're enjoying a less-complicated Concorde?

    Either way, re-painters have been producing freeware textures for the Concorde that are really good and more accurate than my humble efforts, so I'm sure the Landor scheme will have been improved. I will also note this for the MSFS version and any further updates for the legacy platforms.

  • @DC1973 Hi there, thanks for getting back. I was enjoying the lack of detailed fuel management like on the FS Labs one, but I kind of expected the INS. Maybe it's because I'm used to the XP one which actually has a functioning INS, which I didn't actually find it too much of a hassle to play with, and I find the INS much easier to use than the default P3D GPS because the GPS doesn't seem to have all the waypoints I need on approach to Kai Tak.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good thing to open up the complicated Concorde to more casual simmers, but I just did not necessarily think the INS was a complicated thing since once you key in the coordinates, it just flies and you don't really need to touch it again, unless you want to do any refreshing.

    But I do want to say it's a good plane from what I've flown of it - just unfortunately the JF website seemed to be advertising certain features that you didn't put in. Hopefully, as you mentioned in the other post where you have asked JF to remove the mention of INS, they'll do that quite quickly.

    But kudos to you for this creation.

  • @RunawayAtLarge The INS isn't necessarily all that complex to use, but it would be quite complex to code, and I felt that most of the target market would not miss it if it was not there. You're right about the description though, it must have been put in there in error as a fully-functioning INS wasn't really ever part of the plan for this Concorde. Fortunately I don't think anybody else has ever mentioned the omission though, either nobody noticed or it didn't bother them fortunately.

  • @RunawayAtLarge said in Concorde paint job for Landor livery?:

    Wondering if anyone might be able to repaint and fix these 2 little issues for me on the Landor livery please.

    Even though the liveries are mistakenly filed under MSFS and not FSX, this might help.