QualityWings and P3D v5

  • Hello All

    I recently purchased QualityWings Ultimate 757 and Ultimate 146 on Just Flight. Both were said to be comp-atible with "P3D v4.4 and higher". I am currently using P3D v5.1 HF1, so I naturally assumed that both would be compatible. However, I firstly tried to install them using the Lockheed Martin recommended XML method, but this didn't work. So then tried a few work rounds, but again no luck. The only way I could get the aircraft to fly was by installing in the P3D root folder.

    I then discovered that both aircraft only come with one livery installed, that is the QualityWings standard livery. There are no airline liveries included with the basic download. Liveries have to be downloaded separately from the QualityWings web site, but they only come as QWL files, and these have to be loaded using the proprietry Dispatcher.exe programme. However, this will not run in P3D v5. When I try to run it, I get a message saying Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin P3D v3 or higher path could not be found. There's no option to search for the correct path, and the thing won't run. I've already posted on the QualityWings forum, where there are a number of posts about this subject, but no advice from QualityWings. I saw one post which suggested that you have to add a new value to the Windows registry and a dummy DLL file to the P3D root folder. I'm not too certain about doing that without explicit instructions. So buyers beware!!! There should be a clear warning on the sales page.

    Does anyone know of a work around or how to convert the QWL files into regular texture folders, then I can install myself?


  • JF Staff

    Unfortunately, the way that QW compile their textures means there is no way to undo it.

    With regards to version numbers, v4.4+ means v4.4 and v4.5 and so on. If it does not state specifically that it is for P3D v5 then we cannot guarantee that it will work with other sims.

  • @Craig
    Hi Craig. Thanks for replying. However, I'm not happy about this. I've now found a post on the QualityWings forum that they do not support P3D v5. In my view, if they say in their advertising that the aircraft are compatible with P3D v4.4 or higher, this includes P3D v5. After all 5 is higher than 4. If the aircraft is not compatible with P3D v5, then they should clearly state that at the point of sale. Also, they should clearly state that no liveries are included, and that their Livery Manager/Dispatcher has to be used to install liveries, which will not work unless you've got FS9, FSX or P3D 1 to 3 installed on your system.

    Incidentally, if they have modified it to work in P3D v4, why can't they modify it to work in v5? After all, the routine is only checking the Windows registry to find out which version is installed. If it doesn't find the right key in the registry, it won't run.

    I understand there is a work round by adding a key to the Windows registry and adding a dummy dll file to the P3D root folder, but haven't found any specific instructions for this yet.


  • @plco43
    Hi Craig

    Just to let you know that I've managed to solve this issue. There's a video on Youtube which explains how to install PMDG v4 aircraft into P3D v5, by modifying and creating certain keys in the Windows registry. This also works for installing any P3D v4 add-ons into v5. Basically, it updates the registry to read that P3D v4 is installed, but at the P3D v5 installation path. It's not too complicated and doesn't change the P3D v5 installation. However, the instructions in the video have to be closely followed. The video can be found at