ADF 300

  • At first, sorry for my bad english but I hope everybody can understand me. My problem is that I can not tune in the 1000s worth by ADF 300. The right inner knob tunes the 1s. The right outer knob tunes the 10s. The left knob tunes the 100s and the 1,000s. Okay, so far so good. I turn the left knop to the worth 9, and if I turn up to the next worth, the 0 is appears again. I can not turn up the 1000s worth. But in the manual of Just Flight I can see a photo where the 1000s worth is tune in.
    adf 300-manual.JPG
    By the second picture you can see my ADF 300.
    adf 300.JPG
    I hope the community can help me. Thank you.
    Always 3 green