Should I buy it? Is it worth it? Is it dead?

  • I'm very big fan of old classic jetliners, and I want to open something new for myself in sim world. I think that it is too long to wait for A300 or 747, and I'm interested in buying VC10 Professional. This model looks nice for me, but there are several factors that worry me:

    1)According to last update was more than one year ago, is it real or they just stopped to write there about new versions (I hope)?
    2)What's with load manager? Was it released? Or it will be released after 747 and I will have to wait for a half of year for normal LM?
    3)There aren't any announcements about future development plans, except some messeges about load manager. Am I wrong or it's true?

    It looks good, reviews says that it is nice model, and in a few videos which I found it looks great. But my biggest fear is that I will waste 70 300 lol bucks for not realy ready model, which was abandoned by developement team. Is it realy "dead" project? It quite strange to see that last update was almost two years ago, it would be ok if it was done for 100%, but it seems like there are a lot of things to do, and they never will be done (or just in near future).

    And just for interest: does it have an autoland?