Numbers in manual and Overspeed warnings

  • I've been trying to make sense of the overspeed warning in FSX as compared to the numbers given in the manual i.e Mach 0.95 and 24000 feet. This gives an overspeed warning. I can safely ignore such things as I have had crash detection turned off for many years thanks mainly to add-on scenery! 🙂 )
    M0.89 is roughly the max speed which doesn't trigger the warning. In addition, when beginning the transonic acceleration - reheat remains applied until M1.5 then I have to modulate the rate of climb to suit, initially in excess of 4000 fpm with a fully loaded aircraft so as to try and not have the warning.
    Is there any way in FSX code which can raise the triggering airpseed? I don't believe I can alter a parameter in the config file. Thanks. Still loving the plane though!

  • In past versions of Concorde, profile was 390-400 IAS to 28 000 feet not 24000 and subsonic cruise was Mach 0.93 These numbers work fine for me (M0.93 @ FL280+) without any issues to climb profile or fuel endurance. I have seen no known flight profile that suggest concorde levels at 24,000 feet (except on arrival). Hopefully, the developer will install a "barber pole" coded to indicate correct Vno rates. I am presently tweaking (for personal use) the subsonic climb performance but, on holidays for now. Merry Christmas! Oh and I usually maintain reheat until M1.7

  • @HighBypass This is something I have repeatedly tried to fix, to no avail. The overspeed warning comes up no matter what I change, the the FDE expert also was unable to source the issue. If a solution presents itself I will of course immediately update the package.

  • Thanks for the information Dean! 😎 There are working barber poles on subsonic aircraft in FSX, as you no doubt already know, but of course they are different ASI gauges not related to Concorde's unique characteristics.
    @SpeedbirdCanada thanks for your input regarding the numbers. 👍