Multi legged flight issue.

  • Hi Guys,

    New user of Air Hauler 2 here, so hello to everyone.

    I love the product and am using it with MSFS20, but am having a problem with multi-legged flights. I'm sure I'm doing something incredibly stupid...but, well....

    Anyway, the problem.

    I can fly from airport A to B to deliver cargo without issue. I get the issue if I then select a job at airport C, to fly back to A. It seemed obvious that I would fly from B to C after unloading, picking up the new cargo at C and onward to A. However, despite everything seeming to work, I have had an error message every time that I try and do this that suggests I should be flying out of airport B - even though I'm about to depart C (the correct location of my return job) fully loaded. That message stays on my screen throughout the return journey and I don't get any payment on completing the job by landing back at A.

    Does anyone know how to correct this?

    Unconnected, but am I also right to assume that you always have to return back to your initial airport, having done a simple one leg delivery?



  • I remember a time with FSX where I could select job 1, hold ctrl, and select other jobs then arrange my flight plan and order of pick ups/drop offs. I noticed this is missing with MSFS 2020...or I am doing it wrong.