HS 748 Propliner Frustrations

  • G'day everyone,

    I've just picked up this aircraft and it really looks like it'll be great fun, if I can ever get it started!

    I've followed the tutorial and the checklists in the manual and can only manage to get the props turning over. They don't seem to catch, just go through the start cycle over and over. All the switches are in the right position, the HP Levers are open and the APU is running, so there is electricity and bleed air.

    Has anyone else experienced this and have any idea how to fix it?

    Also, you are supposed to be able to open the forward cargo door and extend the rear air stairs. By what devilry is this possible? The manual says to press Shift, 2, E and Shift 3 E respectively but all this does is cycle the main exit open and closed.

    Really thinking of going for a refund here, the thing is unflyable it seems.

    Grateful for advice



  • JF Staff

    @Maarp Warwick, it's not unflyable, it's been out for a few years now, a great many users out there have and are still enjoying the flying experience. Your best is to contact our support team, they are best equipped to help you out. We don't tend to do product support on the forum only for the simplest of issues.

    Support is here: https://support.justflight.com/support/home

  • @Voice-of-Reason Thanks for that, I'm quite prepared to accept it's a user problem! I really want the Propliner to be part of my fleet and will keep at it.



  • If anyone is interested, it seems that the problem with engine starting is that the HP levers have to be JUST into the "Open" range. If you move them any further forward, even though a mouse hover will still show as open, the engines won't start.

    Happy with that, it's a lovely aircraft. I'll contact the tech team about the issue with the Cargo door though.

    Safe flying!


  • Nope, I was wrong. This doesn't fix the problem at all. I've tried following the manual instructions step by step in several different aircraft a dozen times now.

    Still not able to start the engines. What a load of rubbish, I feel completely ripped off.

  • JF Staff

    @Maarp said in HS 748 Propliner Frustrations:

    What a load of rubbish, I feel completely ripped off.

    As Scott mentioned above, it has been out for many years. What response have you had from Just Flight support?

  • @Derek Hi Derek, I've put in a support ticket and am waiting but I wouldn't reasonably expect a reply quickly at this time of year.

    I'll try un/reinstalling tomorrow and see if that helps. It's just so frustrating given that it looks and sounds great and I'd love to fly the aircraft.

    Hopefully we can get this worked out.



  • Hi Warwick
    Strange bug you experience.
    After doing some flights I did never experience any problems/bugs starting up the engines.
    Did you set the two feathers to full back at the beginning and only to full forward at the end of the procedure?
    Because both feathers have a black handle, they can easily be overlooked in front of a black/dark background.

  • @PeteFly82 G'day Pete,

    I think so. Both levers are approximately in the centre and if I hover the mouse over them, it shows "Open".

    I've got a work-around at the moment by loading another twin prop aircraft, starting the engines and then loading the HS 748 over the top of it. I can then set the Propliner to a Cold and Dark state and save the scenario and it starts just fine. I'm going to guess that my original problem was something to do with a not-quite-right panel state.

    Now if I could only figure out how to open the cargo door and extend the rear air stairs! All I can manage right now is toggling the rear pax door. Pressing Shift-E and adding "2" or "3" doesn't seem to work for me. Unless I'm doing that wrong somehow!

    Cheers mate