Fuel Tank layout/Refueling instructions

  • Dear team,

    some refueling instructions for the VC10 would be highly apprechiated.
    From what I understand from the manual Tanks 1/2/3/4 feed the respective Engine and the centre tank can be used to pump fuel into each engines tank.

    So I tried to fuel the 4 engine tanks up evenly for a short flight.
    However the naming of the tanks in the P3D fuel dialogue makes it close to impossible to figure out how much fuel to put into which tank.
    When I add for example 6000kg of fuel into the Left Aux tank and leave everything else unchanged the Tank 1 jumps from 0 to 8000kg according to the indicator on the FE's panel.

    Could you give us some detailed instructions as to which tank corresponds to which tank and how to properly refuel the VC10?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Hi,

    From what I have read in the manual, tanks 1 and 4 are gravity fed by tanks 1A and 4A, so if I am interpreting this right you are filling tank 1A while leaving tank 1 empty, the fuel is presumably flowing from 1A to 1 and subsequently filling it.

    I have not had much practical experience in the aircraft yet however, so do take what I say with a pinch of salt.


  • I have gone into this myself and worked out the following. Centre is the Centre tank. Centre 2 is the Fin tank. Left Aux is No. 1, Left is No.2, Left Tip is No. 1A, Right Aux is No.4, Right is No. 3, Right Tip is No. 4A. The following are taken from the BOAC instructions for fuel loading.
    Minimum fuel for take-off = 10,000 kg. Fuel load 10,000 kg to 17,600 kg equally loaded into tanks 1, 2, 3, and 4 only. Fuel load 17,600 kg to 24,000 kg, tanks 1 and 1A to equal within 150 kg and similarly for tanks 4 and 4A. Also the total of 1 and 1A shall equal tank 2 to within 150kg, similarly for the other side. For loads 24,000 kg to 29,000 kg, load 24,000 kg into wing tanks as above and up to 5,000 into the Centre tank. For loads above 29,000kg, load 5,000kg into centre tank. Load remainder into wing tanks as above until 1A and 4A are full, then equally into 1, 2, 3, and4 until full, then into centre and Fin tanks in ratio 2.3 centre to 1 fin. Hope this all makes sense.