Technical support and reporting bugs

  • JF Staff

    If you need technical support for any of our products, or have problems with ordering or accessing your account, the fastest way to get an answer is to contact our Support Team -
    You'll find a range of FAQs - some general and some product specific - and if they don't answer your question you can ask a direct question. - this 'ticket' will be confirmed as received via email.

    By all means ask questions in the forum, but these may only be answered by other forum members and our technical team aren't monitoring the forum 24/7.

  • JF Staff

    So that we can properly log and track all of it, can you make sure to submit it to our support team:

    You're welcome to post it here too but as per the forum rules/notes, this isn't a support forum and therefore things can be missed, especially if there are numerous posts across numerous threads referencing subtly different issues.

    I will be monitoring the forum over the weekend to ensure any feedback is passed to the development team but it'd be a great help to have it submitted via a ticket too as that is our primary method for providing support.