HS748 Strange shading in P3DV5

  • Same issue as the BAC111. This is a clean install and the P3DV5 version, installs correctly.
    But I get this weird green shading in the VC and on the outside in certain light.

    tn_2020-12-4_22-11-24-345.jpg tn_2020-12-4_22-11-15-706.jpg

    Any ideas or fixes?

  • I can reproduce this problem in a completely different model. By accident I was trying it out in P3D and switched on the landing lights, hey presto green cockpit and outside light. So it has something to do with lights or shaders or both and their interaction - changing the effects for lighting from shockwave to normal fx did minimise it but not completely. Guess we shall see what the developers come up with.