PFPX Profile?

  • Dear JustFlight team,

    I just got the VC10 Professional and try to plan flights with it.
    Unfortunately there seems to be nothing available for either PFPX or SimBrief that could be used with the VC10 and your documentation does also not include any flight planning information.

    Could you please provide a profile for PFPX or assist SimBrief in creating a profile as soon as possible? Otherwise it is close to impossible to fly this aircraft if I can not plan any flights.

  • JF Staff

    Hi Emi. I don't have any experience with creating these sorts of profiles but we'll investigate this further.

  • Thank you Martyn,

    I really struggle to plan any flight in the VC10 at the moment as I don't really understand the charts available on yet and they are the only source of information I can find for flight planning in this bird.

    If you have any quick help how I can plan my flights this would be highly apprechiated as otherwise I'll just have to keep my shiny new aircraft on the ground (I'm really not the kind of guy to just fuel it all up and then fly 2h in a long haul aircraft).

  • Hi all,

    Am new to this forum but I raised this issue in my post on AVSIM.

    I am currently in the process of building a PFPX profile for the Standard VC10 via the data available in the .air and .cfg files with AJPC (advanced jet performance calculator). While I can't confirm this will be true to the real aircraft it should work nicely for the fuel model in the VC10 Pro. However, this is extremely labourious to do as I have not as of yet found an efficient way to transfer the data over to a PFPX Aircraft Profile. And this will likely take me many hours to complete at the current rate.

    If anyone has an efficient method for creating PFPX profiles I would be grateful, as I am going slowly mad when making this lol. If perhaps anyone at the JF Team is able to spare me the misery and compile one for the Standard & Super models I would be unendingly grateful. However if nothing else happens I will make an effort to post the profiles within a few weeks.