Some little bugs

  • Hello all,
    Just got around to trying the VC10 Pro. I think it's great to have the INS systems on the aircraft - it really expands its capabilities.
    Regarding the INS, there are a few quirks I have about it. Not necessarily its functionality, because it works as advertised, but putting in some more intuitive advice on operating it. The first thing is handling the knob that moves from OFF-STBY-ALIGN-NAV-ATT. Given that the switch in real life is a pull switch that you twist round, it's a little fiddly to use with a mouse. If you're operating that switch in the VC rather than a 2D panel, it can be infuriating trying to drag it, and ruin the alignment process. I think it's far more intuitive if it's mapped in the VC with differing mouse keys. i.e. to pull the switch you left click it, use the scroll wheel, and then left click it again to lock down. Should hopefully prevent it getting pulled the wrong way.
    The INS on the front panel seems to only work if you use it via the 2D panel. In addition, the fonts on the INS are not the typical 'alarm clock' numbers, but something out of Arial font - maybe that's an issue on my end.
    I checked out the PFCUs and thought they were pretty cool. The ailerons and rudder to disable when they are isolated. However, there's some weird stuff going on with the elevators. The isolate switches of the left elevator section disables both of the elevators, while the right elevator switches do nothing. In addition, even when isolating the elevator switches, the aircraft still has elevator control. It's hard to explain but if you try it yourself you'll see what I mean.
    Is there any chance we'll see the VC-10 with doppler navigation? The navigators station had it on the old product, but it was never functional. Would be cool to have a differing navigation system. Also, given that INS navigation was pretty expensive pre-1970 most airlines didn't have it from the get go. It would be cool perhaps with the standard VC10s to have the doppler navigation, or the sub-INS doppler navigation that some airlines had.
    I'm not sure how much the manual has been updated from the older one, and the tutorial flight, given that it doesn't really cover the INS could be confusing for some people.
    Finally, I think the aircraft would really benefit from having a fuel and loadout manager. From there, being able to calculate things such as V speeds and landing speeds would be quite exciting.

    All in all I really like the product, and it's very reasonably priced. My main criticisms are around the INS, which I think will make it extremely enjoyable. Now I'm going to give it another flight.


  • Also - if you guys could create a simbrief profile for the aircraft, I think it would make it massively more accessible.

  • I should clarify, the manual is more indepth than I thought re the INS stuff.
    That said, some part showing the fuel capacities of the aircraft in the manual would be a great addition.

  • Confirming the round numbers on the INS display. Needs the Calculator/Alarm clock font style!

  • I just did another flight with the VC10 this time from Heathrow to El Prat.
    The first thing is that when you switch on the landing lights, they completely illuminate the cockpit for some reason.
    Second thing is that the internal lights are a little fiddly, but I don't know whether that's just me.

    For some reason, for the first half of the flight, when I used the HSI, it only allowed me to dial headings and courses in 10s(i.e. 340, 350, 360, 010 rather than single digits). For some reason it sorted itself out mid flight. Not sure why.

    Otherwise no qualms, but a simbrief profile would be amazing.

  • I agree with everything written by Panny above - HSI only steps in 10deg jumps, left/right/mousewheel doesn't change it.
    The engine starter panel, closes the HP fuel cocks when IGN off is selected in flight. As I understand it you shouldn't need constant ignition all through the flight? I don't seem to be able to remove the Computer flag warning from the artificial horizon (Probably me, as I've not read the manual yet).
    Nothing major, but the texture of the British Airways Super VC-10 G-ASGK is missing the dark blue paint at the lower aft fuselage under the tail section.

  • HSI. I found that the HSI works fine only if Engine No. 1 is running. Otherwise, increments of 10, on the 10 if set to Source 1 or increments of 10 on the 5 if set to Source.

  • JF Staff

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the feedback! So that we can properly log and track all of it, can you make sure to submit it to our support team?

    You're welcome to post it here too but as per the forum rules/notes, this isn't a support forum and therefore things can be missed, especially if there are numerous posts across numerous threads referencing subtly different issues.

    I've reported the HSI jumping to the developer as a priority issue and that should be simple enough to fix as it's caused by a common simulator issue. I'm also working through anything else that has been reported on here.