Duchess 76 (XP11) v1.1 update

  • JF Staff

    The Duchess 76 for XP11 has been updated to v1.1:

    • Transponder light not illuminating - fixed
    • Front landing gear door animation - fixed
    • Librain plugin rain masks - fixed
    • Missing custom sounds added
    • Made GTN 750 less reflective and added inner knob to 3D bezel
    • Electric pitch trim no longer moves when using shortcuts or manual trim, or when turned off
    • Added scroll support for HSI calibration (CCW/CW) switch, for easier adjustment
    • Added ‘Reset' buttons to pilot and co-pilot altimeter (to set to 29.92 inHG)
    • Updated landing gear annunciator lights to no longer work with scroll wheel (that caused multiple lights to be capable of being on simultaneously)
    • NAV2 flags - fixed
    • ASI lighting - fixed
    • Other minor fixes