Tobago TB-10 /20 P3Dv5

  • Is there going to be any update for this aircraft for P3D?

    The flight model is horrible and needs an update.

    I have the Xplane version as well and this has had some recent updates and performs quite well. (Apart from passenger side AI which indicates in the wrong sense)

    The P3D version power settings are nowhere near when flying TB-10 (P3D). Airplane over speeds in level flight even when pulled back to 20in MP and 2000 RPM.

    Version 204a is the version I have.

  • I still have P3D 4.5 but have version 204a and you're right, in the TB10 there's still an entry in the aircraft.cfg that relates to the TB20.

    Open the TB10 aircraft.cfg in Notepad and scroll down to [piston_engine]

    Change the value in max_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar from 2.0 to 1.2

    That should bring cruise and approach speeds closer to reality.