FK131 Bücker Jungmann request

  • As a fan of historical aircraft I'm really enjoying this simulation, it is for me the best simulation of a biplane I have ever flown.
    However two things would improve it even more.
    It would be great to have the possibility of pilots sitting in the cockpits not only from the outside view but a pilot sitting in front if you are not flying alone in the back seat.
    My other request is for the gauges to be in German as in the original. The mixed languages spoil the immersion of this historical plane.
    Also would the original have Kmh (metric) mixed with feet (imperial)?

    M. Jordan

  • JF Staff


    Thanks for your post and for your feedback.

    We'll have to take a look at it for you.

    Have you also sent us a ticket or email about it?



  • Hi Simon,

    I didn't send a ticket as it's just a request, I mostly fly alone in the back cockpit and set the weight & balance accordingly, so I only miss pilots from the outside view.
    I really would appreciate the gauges in German so I will write a ticket when I've got the time to do it.
    I've been trying to find our if the gauges are metric or imperial, as far as I can remember metric was introduced in the 1970s.

    M. Jordan

  • Good idea, pls dont mix German with English text in this plane. German only will be fine.