MilViz F-4E Phantom bucking bronco cure

  • Hi.
    A couple of days ago i purchased the MilViz F-4E Phantom ADV from Just Flight, and found it unflyable at first , being a study aircraft , i did some searching , and found others where suffing with same issue , yet some where not , so i did a bit of reading of the manuals , incase i was not doing something correctly , did not see anything , so i went carfully through a startup taxi takeoff , and suddenly had a thought , on the things to do , it tells you to set the yaw/roll/pitch aug s/ws , these are part of the auto pilot , so i tried turning on the autopilot engage and alt engage s/ws then turnedd them off again , all of a sudden the aircraft could be flown and trimmed.
    I have now tried this on 3 days , and several flights , and each time it has worked for me , the only difference now is i do this before i taxi , as opposed to the first time when i had just taken off.
    If anyone else has purchased this aircraft and given up trying to fly it , try doing the same as me , and see if it fixes the bucking bronco roller coaster flying for you , i still have a lot of reading and learning to do on this aircraft , but have been plesently surprised so far , i have not bothered with the Tac Pac install , so not everything works because of this.
    regards alan cottrill.