Autothrottle/Autopilot response

  • Another question, sorry. Well a query with a request. Could the AP and AT be made proactive, more responsive at all please? If not, then fair enough I'll take over manually, but I'm sure the real crews wouldn't do that under normal circumstances 😎

  • This is down to the control surface trim settings, as the FSX / P3D autopilot uses the trim to handle the autopilot controls. Concorde's trim is very fine in pitch and there's not a lot to play with come landing time and the centre of gravity, so that's why the AP is a little slow to react in pitch. Real autopilots take over the actual controls entirely, not just the trims.

  • @DC1973 I did wonder if that was the case, thank you. Is there a way of "tinkering" (ooh dangerous, I know! 😜 ) with the effectiveness in the aircraft.cfg without upsetting the entire applecart as it were? Cheers.

  • @HighBypass You could increase the sensitivity of control surface trim in the aircraft.cfg, but I wouldn't be able to predict whether it might upset the flight dynamics. It's worth trying out though just to give the AP a little more accuracy. Bear in mind that I've increased the accuracy of the gyro now so the AP should track headings more willingly anyway in the update.

  • Excellent! I guess it would be prudent to await the update before any possible tinkering, thanks. 😎