Overspeed... over zealous?? Also.. Wobbles..

  • I've managed to successfully get Concorde up and cruising at Mach 2 plus and had a couple of trans Atlantic flights (landings are still not pretty but that's another story - covered by my posts in other threads in this forum 😉 ).

    Most times I've noticed the overspeed light coming on. Notably trying to reach M0.95 at FL240 as per the manual...

    Another thing I've noticed is a severe wobble - roll oscillations - is this related to speed being too low? I don't have Accu-Feel enabled (I only have A2A's Constellation and Warhawk). I have tried flying without any weather (FSX default fair weather preset) and with FSOpen Clouds (METAR injector). I have a registered copy of FSUIPC and have suppressed turbulence, gusts and variance, so I still get a jetstream and winds aloft via the weather engine if FSOpen Clouds is active.

    On my last trip KJFK - EGCC at 58000 feet and M2.02, at one point I got the "wobble". The wind was a stable 99 knots quartering tailwind yet the altimeter was rapidly moving between 58400 and 57500 or so.

  • @HighBypass Concorde seems sensitive to weather situations, although I have never seen the wobble described. I don't have any external weather programs however so am unable to test in full as to what the cause might be if external to Concorde - I always develop on a stock system. Frankly, there should of course be no such wobble but it's very hard to diagnose as I have never been able to replicate it. If it does happen, I'll get on the case as hopefully I'll be able to identify what causes it.

  • @DC1973 Could FSUIPC be causing an issue? I doubt it, but I don't really know. 😎

  • It's possible but very hard for me to be sure or to fix issues caused by external programs, but I don't think FSUIPC is at fault in this case as most of Concorde's avionics and controls are entirely stock sim values, so very little to go wrong. The FDE is very specialised for Concorde so that might be something to do with it, but it more seems to be weather orientated for some reason? Still looking into it to try to pin-point the cause.