Compas error and transponder

  • Good afternoon, I've notice some mistakes in the DR400 I bought this afternoon. But first of all, congratulations for this nice add-on.

    The magnetic compass works backwards! The digits must be incremented to the left and not to the right (should be like in the image HERE). The direction indicator on the other hand is correct.
    The transponder cannot be put on Alt before take-off, but the new air rules recommend that it be put on alt when taxiing or in any case before entering the runway. Is it possible to cancel the automatic mode to allow manual selection od the squawk modes?

    Finally, I use flight rudder pedals (Saitek) : the differential breaks are too powerful (although perfect with other add-ons).

    I am making these remarks in a positive spirit to help improve your aircraft; I am flying on this plane in real life and noticed these details.
    Best regards
    Denis COMBES