Traffic Global update?

  • Hi there.
    Are there any updates on the way to Traffic Global?
    I have version 1.0.9672
    The reason I ask is that I use Copenhagen EKCH as my home airport.

    I think it's a shame that Scandinavian Airlines Airbus 330-300 is not painted in the SAS colors. They are painted white.

    Scandinavian airlines Airbus 350-900 is not included in the program at all.
    SAS has 4 of those aircraft now.

    Emirates Airbus 380 also flies to Copenhagen and that flight plan is not included in the program either.

    I very much hope that those models will be included in the next update of the program.

  • I fly from Heathrow max traffic and there are no planes taxi to runway or a queue of aircraft landing what's gone wrong with this version, use to be fine.