Landing Lights/Logo Light

  • Any chance we can have a fix for this?
    Landing lights (exterior) illuminating the virtual cockpit (interior). Also, the logo light switch doesn't seem to work, the tail stays dark.



  • @Delta064 Hi, the landing lights illuminating the VC ( or other parts of aircraft, depending on where the lights are located ) is a Prepar3D bug that has not been fixed by Lockheed Martin. It also affects all other lights, though less noticeably. Fingers crossed that they do something about it soon, it's very annoying!

    As far as I am aware, Concorde did not have a logo light ( oddly ). Happy to include one if somebody finds any information on this 🙂

  • Indeed the concorde has no lighting of its logo. No reports that could create even a very small disturbance.

  • Hi,
    Fair enough that it's a P3D bug, however it seems that other developers have managed a work around, or else all P3D add-ons would do this?

    Regarding the Logo light - it seems you are correct. The concorde didn't have logo lights, it also didn't have a logo lights switch...

  • @Delta064 At this time there is no workaround that I'm aware of for the lights bug, most likely the position of lights in different aircraft determines whether they illuminate other parts of the airplane that they should not.

    I suspect that I named the switch thinking rather as you did that there would be a logo light. I will alter that detail for a future update.

  • In a related issue, I don't think the taxi lights work in FSX:SE Once I switch off the landing lights then there's no lights illuminating the ground. Sorry!

  • @HighBypass I don't have a copy of FSX:SE so cannot speak about it, but I will check the taxi lights also to see if they're functioning as they should be here.