Overspeed / Loss of Control

  • Hi,
    I am still trying to master Concorde using the manual as guidance and one issue I am continually running into is the fact that the aircraft starts to shake and autopilot starts to lose vertical control at speeds above around 320kts indicated.
    The manual says that I should be accelerating to 400kts.
    If no one else is having this problem then I really am confused as to what I must be doing to cause this?

  • I use this aircraft in FSX. I have found the autopilot a bit touchy on VS especially if you initiate a large change in vertical speed. I generally change vertical speed by incremental changes rather than one big change. As for the shaking above 320KIAS I haven't experienced that and have flown the plane at speeds greater than 320. Are you using Accufeel in your FS? If so check the settings for max airspeed etc as this program causes shaking at near or above the set max airspeed. Hope this helps!

  • Accu-feel! Bingo!!
    I have turned off Accu-feel for the Concorde and it is like a completely different add-on. Thank you for the suggestion. It's now flying much more like how the manual says it should.
    It might be worth adding to the manual to turn off accu-feel for this add-on. It had the speed limit set to 300kts!
    Thanks again!

  • @Delta064 If you have A2A's Accufeel installed, make sure you turn it off for Concorde. I was racking my brain because I would get wicked shaking and vibration at 320 kts even though the visor was fully retracted along with the landing lights and gear and I had the CG within the two marks on the gauge. Turned out to be accufeel. Once I truned that off problem solved. Hope this helps.

  • @Delta064 You can also adjust up the max KIAS and Mach in the Accufeel menu, this is what I did for the Concorde. Set it for about 500KIAS and Mach 2.1 and the shaking won't interfere with the flight dynamics.

  • Good call guys, I didn't know that Accufeel was causing issues with Concorde. Something to be added in the manual I think!