Gauge Issues

  • Hello. First off I would like to say this plane is quite beautiful. I do have a complaint that I think might be easy to fix though I am no developer so maybe not. Your Artificial Horizons (Both Primary and Secondary), ADF indicator and HSI are all missing the Lubber Line. The lubber line is the index marking on the instrument used to read bank angle on the horizons and headings off of the compasses. The Artificial Horizons have the lubber line and tick marks showing bank angle on the gauge case but are missing the one on the ball itself to indicate bank. This makes it impossible to read my heading accurately off of the HSI and nearly impossible to read my bank angle of the Artificial Horizon making instrument flight very difficult when not using the Autopilot. The heading bug on the HSI also disappears and reappears depending on where it is at on the compass card. The glass on all of the gauges is also very dark. I need the panel lights on during the day just to be able to read them. I am in P3D 4.5.

  • JF Staff


    I think the lighting might be a general criticism of the main game.

    As for the Lubber line, your best bet is probably to contact Just Flight support and they can advise whether this is a bug or not. The changelog mentions something about HSI.

  • @Derek thank you for the reply. I submitted a ticket. Forgot to mention too that when I turn on the flight director nothing happens. It does not shiw up on the artificial horizon.

  • Hi, I can add the markers and lubber line without any real problems. I will put it on the list for the next update.

  • Same goes for FSX if you would please, in addition to P3D. Many thanks!