Traffic Global & FSX Can't get together!

  • I have FSX on my Drive P and it works like a charm.
    Just installed the newest version of Traffic Global and it put it in my C drive. It did not give me an opportunity to tell it where to install.

    It installed.

    Now it says that all it can find is Prepar3D Version 4 and I DON"T have Prepar3D Version 4 or any other version on my computer so wth?

    How do I get Traffic Global to recognize my FSX install on my Drive P?

    And as a last resort, how do I completely remove it?

    I had no problem installing Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 and it is on a different drive than C and it ASKED me where to install it;.

    Any help, suggestions or otherwise are appreciated.

    Capt. G

  • In the options tab run the Wizard again when you see the screen with the sims installed boxes on the right side hit the red cross for P3D this will remove it, at the same time look in the top box for FSX to see if it can see your FSX you can click on the folder icon and point it to your FSX install then run the install.
    You can do this without having to re-install TG if you are having a problem.

  • Thanks Ray, I'll try that and see what happens

    Capt. G