Glass Reflections?

  • Good afternoon DC Designs. I'm trying to remove the instrument reflections. If I remove the texture: then the instruments show up as blanks. What am I doing wrong please (FSX SE, Win 10)?

  • Interesting, they should just disappear when the texture is removed - it might be because you're in FSX. I would recommend making a copy of the canopy_glass texture instead, and then renaming it to and trying that. The canopy glass has no imagery on it, so you should end up with a much clearer piece of glass over the instruments. It might take a little tinkering with the shading but it should sort out the issue for you.

  • Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately your suggestion didn't work and I still had blank instruments. It's no problem though because I'm still enjoying the aircraft.

  • Try a few variations Del - normally the transparency is controlled by the alpha of the texture - a black texture with a grey alpha would be about 50% translucent. Once you find the right variation for you, it should look pretty good. Glad you're enjoying Concorde though, it's a lot of fun once you get used to flying it the right way.