Great aircraft

  • Hi, just wanted to say thanks to the developer for bringing a new Concorde into flightsim and especially for still supporting us FSX users who's budget doesn't extend to new computers and updating add on purchases for the next gen flightsims etc.
    The plane has a great, very smooth flight model. I've spent a few hours flying it and am thoroughly enjoying it!
    Thanks also for including a virtual cabin, I do like the ambience of having a virtual cabin in the sim.
    I noted a few minor things that may or may not have already come to your attention. I am guessing that some of the functions mentioned below may not have been intended to be simulated n this sim given the advertised " less demanding to fly" premise for this aircraft sim..
    The EGT gauges appear to read very low for a jet engine and the overheat lights come on at quite a low temp.
    The fuel flow gauges basically hit the max position as soon as the engines spool up and stay there for most stages of a flight.
    The cabin pressure gauge on the captains panel appears to be non functioning.
    The fuel pump low pressure and tank low level warning lights on the engineer panel do not appear to illuminate when a tank becomes empty, they just seem to be triggered by the relevant switches on the engineer panel only.
    The air doors for the engines all operate via one switch on the engineer panel although there are 4 separate controls, If switched off in flight it has no effect on the engines other than a visual animation.

    Again thanks very much for bringing this aircraft into FSX, It's been on my wish list for a long time

  • @LJToranaXU1 Hi, glad to hear you're enjoying Concorde and thanks for the notifications. I've put them on the bug list and will look into them for you, with an aim to correcting them for the next update.

    The intake doors and ramps are functional only in appearance, and as you have rightly noted, don't affect the flight in any way. This is intentional, as Concorde is not designed to emulate failures of any kind. However, future versions may include warning lights, should the user forget to activate such functions, just to enhance the realism a little 🙂

  • @DC1973 I too would like to add a "Thank You!" for releasing this aircraft. You may have noticed I've posted several questions in threads all tonight in fact, but I've not long had the product and I'm getting used to her quirks and "bugs"/sub-optimal user input (i.e. Me!). It may seem like I have a downer on your Concorde, but nope, I'm just an enthusiastic end user who wants to enquire about fixes/workarounds... and features (or lack of because not meant to be FSL or PMDG) 😉