Course selection

  • I've been slowing getting up to speed with the Concord and performing ILS landings. However, I cannot get the an accurate course selected for the localizer.

    If I set the course to 340 degrees, the pointer is at 190 degrees. I'm likely doing something wrong here, but what? Or is the gauge off?

  • I checked this out on the default P3D v5 using the ILS at Randolph airbase and it all seems to be working fine - I took an image but apparently cannot attach it here. Everything was lining up and the course selection matched the pointer in the HSI. Is that what you're referring to or is it something else that wasn't matching up?

  • alt text

    Okay, I'm at KTCM Runway 34. Course selected at 340, Nav1 at 109.90. Notice where the needle is pointing. It's about 20 degrees off.

    BTW - this is FSXA, Windows 8.1.

  • @WarHorse47 Great, thanks, I'll check it out. We're planning an update to be released soon with some general bug fixes so this will be included.

  • Fixed for the update 🙂

  • Thanks. 8<)