Cold and dark

  • Hi how can i set up concorde in cold and dark and also how do i do flight plans the manual is not very clear on this

  • Hi, Concorde should be set up as cold and dark by shutting down all engines, avionics, battery etc and then saving the flight. There is no default cold and dark setting.

    Flight plans should be input using the normal simulator flight planner, and then can be loaded, and accessed via the GPS screen in the centre console. A Nav/GPS switch is located at both the captain and first officer's positions. Hope this helps

  • I thought the INS was fully working is this not the case

  • The INS was never advertised as a fully-working system. Trans-Atlantic navigation is done through the normal simulator flight planner, with a supporting GPS system. A fully-working INS would not have been something the target market would have wanted to deal with.

  • @DC1973 said in Cold and dark:

    .... There is no default cold and dark setting....

    For what it's worth I made my default FSX:SE flight with a cold & dark stock Cessna 172. That way any aircraft I load into the sim is (for the most part - the BBS Airbus still has it's batteries on...) cold & dark. Be warned that if, like me, you also shut off the mixture then you won't get Concorde's engines to start... unless you use CTRL-E or press CTRL-SHIFT-F4 to give full mixture. 😁 It had me puzzled for some time!