Boarding ladders

  • Is there a switch somewhere that can hide the boarding ladders? I didn't see anything in the manual.

    When I loaded the aircraft, both ladders were visible - even after startup and during slow taxi. When the taxi speed increased the ladders disappeared, but were visible again after waiting for takeoff clearance.

  • @WarHorse47 Engineer's station, by where his left knee would be, there are three switches that control the boarding ladders visibility. ( The ladders will only show when these switches are on, and airspeed is below 5 knots )

  • Thanks. I haven't memorized all the switches or their functions, and most likely turned on the boarding ladders in my efforts to turn off all the lights on the engineering panels. I wonder if you would consider a shortcut somewhere that would set the aircraft "ready to taxi"??

  • @WarHorse47 Maybe for a future update - pre-set flight conditions aren't something that I know how to code yet, to be honest, so would have to learn the procedure.