Crashes at launch with Orbx ?

  • Hi,
    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this odd issue.

    I have narrowed down the crashing of XPlane after a flight has loaded to if TG is enabled.
    For example, if I start a flight at EGNM with TG enabled, XPlane crashes.

    Last line of the XP log shows an none descriptive :
    TGXP: Flow ATC Flow Runway 28 time rule at Alicante (LEAL) seems to have incorrect units (0 -> 24 instead of 0000 -> 2400), correcting.
    --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==--

    I can load other airports/scenery, for example EGPH appears to be fine, EGLC crashed with TG enabled.

    I have reinstalled TG, Verified Orbx airports/scenary, checked XP via the installer, nothing has helped.

    If I go to a 'good' airport and disable TG in plugin manger, then start a new flight at a 'faulty' airport, all is good. If I then enable TG, XP crashes.

    Any thoughts ?

  • This does not appear to be related to Orbx, it does appear to be location related.
    Seems like (theory) TG has an issue loading traffic at a specific location - possibly the DB is at fault. Currently removing and will reinstall TG.

  • It appears that an uninstall does not uninstall - doesn't remove anything from the plugins folder.
    Uninstall, remove from plugins folder, re-install etc appears to have resolved the issue.

    Must have been some corruption within the plugin area related to traffic in specific areas.