• The AB switches seem to be I’m wondering is it possible to include a barber pole, I’m lost without it, max climb etc etc it is essential, as is AB control

  • Hi Steve, the reheat switches aft of the throttle do work - use mouse scroll forwards and they will jump into action. However, somewhere along the line the annunciator lights have failed there, so I will get those sorted. I think I'll change the action to a mouse-click also, can't think why I used scroll instead.

    Concorde's Max Climb autopilot feature is not present in this rendition of the airplane. Climb rating data is in the manual for ideal climb rate / angle etc.

  • Ya seems strange to me to not have a barber pole on the airsoeed indicator to show Vne. Never seen a jet without one except the Comet. I believe concorde should have one.

  • @CptKiddAPI Barber pole it is. Adding it to the improvements list as I type 🙂