• The AB switches seem to be I’m wondering is it possible to include a barber pole, I’m lost without it, max climb etc etc it is essential, as is AB control

  • Hi Steve, the reheat switches aft of the throttle do work - use mouse scroll forwards and they will jump into action. However, somewhere along the line the annunciator lights have failed there, so I will get those sorted. I think I'll change the action to a mouse-click also, can't think why I used scroll instead.

    Concorde's Max Climb autopilot feature is not present in this rendition of the airplane. Climb rating data is in the manual for ideal climb rate / angle etc.

  • Ya seems strange to me to not have a barber pole on the airsoeed indicator to show Vne. Never seen a jet without one except the Comet. I believe concorde should have one.

  • @CptKiddAPI Barber pole it is. Adding it to the improvements list as I type 🙂

  • Hi,

    Having been accelerating using the autopilot and getting the afterburners flickering on and off at the top of the throttle could you use the engine limiter switches to control if the afterburners are activated by the switches only or the mixed final 1% of the throttle range and switches? Just to avoid wasting the fuel in the climb and make it a touch more realistic for those that want to have a bit more fidelity around it?



  • @DC1973 Hello DC1973. I have tried and tried and tried to get the scroll wheel on
    my mouse to turn on the reheats. So far, nothing turns them on. Please tell me
    what more I need to do. Sincerely, Jim French

  • I have finally been able to get a jump in the Fuel Flow gauges when I scroll the mouse wheel forward over the Engine Reheat switches at the base of the throttles. However, I do not get a big red orange flame jumping from the engine exhausts, nor can I tell that there is any actual increase in thrust. Miss the noise and the flame effect of the afterburners. The real Concorde let out a huge roar and a great plume of black smoke coming out when the afterburners were ignited.

  • My mouse scroll wheel works on the "piano keys" and slams the throttles forward as well. However, I would like to suggest that the throttles only be coded for dry thrust only if I may? Granted that the reheat only kicks in on the last bit of travel on my TM HOTAS X, but I still have to be careful not to nudge it back into reheat after reducing thrust when passing 4000 feet.

    If you did just code the piano keys for reheat then that would prevent the autothrottle from igniting the burners too...

    I believe in real life the flight engineer activated the reheat in pairs when accelerating transonic, and I believe also on takeoff sometimes.

    @squash1993 I wondered what the engine limit switches were supposed to do on the F/E panel!

  • @HighBypass I would have liked to include this feature but I was not able to figure out a way to code for it. It's on the update list if I can figure out a way to make it happen.

  • @Cropduster47 I have solved this issue. The afterburner flames are tied to the physical throttles, not the reheat switches, so they only show up when you put the actual throttles into full power. I hadn't realised this before. I am working on some updates at the moment, so will see if I can ensure the afterburner's visual models appear in both cases, rather than just one.

  • Just briefly updating this thread to say that while afterburner light and flame visibility issues are now solved, I still do not have a code that will keep the throttles to dry power only. I will keep an eye open for ways to achieve this in the future so that I can add it should I find a way to make it happen.

  • @DC1973 I like the new click on the handle to turn on the afterburners.
    Still not seeing any flames though.

  • @Cropduster47 I have checked this here in both FSX and Prepar3D and the reheats are working correctly. It's very hard to diagnose what the problem could be that you're having as I cannot reproduce it here. I will keep an eye on things though in case somebody else sees the same problems.