The Carenado E50P Phenom 100

  • Hey guys, just got this crazy pretty bird. LOVE the looks. Have been reading all the avsim and others with the issues, etc, gotta say, this is day 2 that I had her in the air, and she can be a tough one to fly. But, mine's working ok so far... on a GPS trip to Vegas right now in fact..FINALLY getting use to the lack of auto-throttle, and the whole autopilot issue with changing altitude without it going insane and dolphining into oblivion. For those with this jet, and the autopilot drives you nutz, there's a good YouTube tut out there on the G1000 using the autopilot that I found workable for me.. @ link text

    Has anyone found a way to turn off the co-pilot's PFD panel to save frame-rate other than clicking the invisible power button in "the left hand corner" of it? I tried and that does nothing. Even tried doing it on the 2D popup but as soon as I do, they both og out. (pilot's too) (Running FSX SP2 version)

    Have fun flying..